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Disaster Clean Up 247
Professional Service You Can Depend On

Disaster Clean-Up 247, OC Home Service Group and East Coast Plumbing are committed to safely reopening our community and our local businesses.  We have proudly served Delmarva and our beaches through hurricanes, wind storms, coastal flooding, water losses, sewage losses, mold remediation and biohazard clean up over the years.  We are resourced and prepared to meet the challenges our local residents and businesses face due to the novel coronavirus.  

Health & Safety

At Disaster Clean-Up 247, OC Home Service Group and East Coast Plumbing, we take health and safety very seriously.  We have taken many precautions to ensure the safety of our clients, our employees and our community.  

Company Safety Protocol

* Routine Temperature Testing

* Issuance of PPE - Masks, Gloves,

  Eye Protection

* Issuance of Disinfectants & Sanitizers

* Extensive Client Safety Training

* Extensive Chemical Safety Training

* Issuance of UV Lighting & Floor Protection

* Limited Professional & Public Exposure

* Execution of CDC & Government


* Paid Covid-19 Testing & Sick Pay

Disaster Clean Up 247, OC Home Service Group and East Coast Plumbing, Heating & Air follow the same safety protocol across the board. In a time when Health, Hygiene and Safety are as important as Craftsmanship & Dependability, our clients can rest easy knowing all of our workers are skilled and taking the proper precautions on and off the clock.  As "All Inclusive Contractors" we have the ability to provide a wide variety of services with "In House Labor" that other no other companies can produce. Making us one of the Top Service Providers on The Delmarva Peninsula.  Below are the services we are providing during these challenging times.

All Inclusive Contractors
Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting

Disaster Clean-Up 247 can Deep Clean or Disinfect your home, rental property or business.  Due to the nature of Disaster Clean-Up we are very familiar with dealing with Pathogens, Bacteria and Viruses.  We are fully equipped and experienced in Killing, Cleaning and Disinfecting Contaminated Areas.  We offer Overnight, Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Disinfecting Services for our local residents and business owners. There are different levels and techniques that can be applied and no two projects are exactly the same.  Contact Us Today and set up a consultation appointment to explore your options.

Custom Carpentry & Barriers
Mold Remediation Specialists
East Coast Plumbing (Covid-19 Video)
Disaster Clean-Up 247 (Sanitary Services Video)
Disaster Clean-Up 247 (411 On PPE Video)
OC Home Service Group (Covid-19 Testing Video)

Our Carpenters at OC Home Services are extremely talented and capable of constructing anything your home or business may need.  We've built Point of Sale Plexiglass Barriers, Temporary Storage Areas for Deliveries, Separation Walls  and Isolation / Containment Barriers for Essential Workers.  Every project has it's own set of parameters, Contact Us to set up a walk through and explore the options for your project. 

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Plumbing & Mechanical Services

All of our Mechanical Services are provided by East Coast Plumbing, Heating & Air.  Recently we have been installing "No Touch / No Contact" Faucets and Urinals throughout the area.  Limiting the amount of contact in your establishment will limit the exposure percentage for your employees.  We also offer outside showers, mop or slop sinks and wash down stations.  One of the most requested services has been our In-Duct Ultraviolet Air Purifying System.  Keeping your home or business healthy begins with Air Quality, Contact Us Today and find out how you can improve the air quality in your building.

Professional Consultation
Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting
Ultraviolet Air Purifying Systems
HEPA Air Purification & Cleaning
PPE Informational & Safety Data
High Contact Surface Decontamination
Custom Carpentry & Barriers
Isolation & Containment Chambers
No Contact Faucets & Urinals
Mop Sinks & Wash Down Stations

When you call Disaster Clean-Up 247 you receive a Team of Experts.  Our Companies holds many licenses & certifications and are complimented with a long history of professional craftsmanship in residential, commercial & industrial construction.  Our representatives will provide you with the information you'll need to prepare and / or respond to the Covid-19 situation.   

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